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Argentina promotes its best wines in Shanghai

Shanghai was one of 70 cities across 54 countries to hold Malbec World Day last Thursday, an occasion specially created by industry group Wines of Argentina to celebrate the South American country's flagship wine.

It took place on April 17 in order to commemorate the day when former Argentinean president Domingo Faustino Sarmiento announced his decision to revitalize the country's wine industry in 1853. Sarmiento had asked a French soil expert named Michel Aime Pouget to bring new vines to Argentina, and one of the selections was Malbec.

Originally brought over from the southwest of France and found to be more superior and flourishing under the sun-drenched Argentine climate, Malbec later became Argentina's most recognized variety as well as very unique, as the French crops were unfortunately wiped out because of phylloxera.

Now in its sixth year, the celebration enjoyed the theme of "celebrating a classic" - a classic varietal is one that is enjoyed again and again through which new expressions of terroir and new layers of aromas and flavors are discovered, and a classic becomes a model and an influence.

Best of Mendoza

At the Shanghai event, held at the House of Roosevelt, about 30 winemakers from Argentina offered samplings of different varieties for hundreds of guests to taste and enjoy amid tango shows and live music.

Martin Horacio Romero, deputy Consul General of the Argentine Republic in Shanghai (pictured right center), told the Global Times that Malbec is a luxury of the country in terms of wine, and that the most important wineries from the Mendoza area, where Malbec vines are exclusively grown, were all represented at the event.

"Malbec is easy to combine with different foods, especially meat. Its softness, flavor and intensity means it can go with most dishes. Also, it is a very light wine so that there are so many possibilities in terms of matching," Romero said.

One of the best-known winemakers present was Cuvelier Los Andes, which was established in 1999 by the Cuvelier family, owner of the prestigious Chateau Leoville-Poyferre in Bordeaux. Cuvelier Los Andes has collaborated with wine master Michel Rolland to create a high quality vineyard and has been producing some of the most intense Malbec since 2005.

Another renowned representative was Argento in the central region of Mendoza. Today, its winemaking team has pioneered research about the various micro climates in Mendoza, searching to find the best terroir for each grape variety.

Eva Zhou, who represents both brands in China, said she has witnessed how Chinese wine drinkers have grown familiar with Malbec. "Back then, very few ordinary people knew the status of Malbec in Argentina. Today, they know it is synonymous with Argentine wine," Zhou said.

Zhu Qianwen, a jewelry shop co-founder currently going through wine tasting training, was one of the many guests at the tang-enhanced event. "In general, Malbec doesn't have a sourness, and is delightfully soft," Zhu said.

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